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DeLib Liaison Librarians


Liaison Librarians work with students, faculty and staff to ensure that the Library is meeting their teaching and research needs. Liaison Librarians specialize in various subject areas (i.e. Anatomy, Family Medicine, etc.) to assist our users with their needs.  

Role of the Liaison Librarian

  • To advise on Distributed eLibrary procedures and resolve difficulties in using Library services and resources.
  • To work with faculty and staff to ensure that the Distributed eLibrary is meeting their teaching and research needs by ensuring the availability of materials in their respective subject areas.
  • To feed back into the Library planning process the specific needs of the users they serve.
  • To promote information literacy and assist students, faculty and staff to make effective use of library resources in support of study and research.
  • To liaise with faculty and staff on library-related course development and delivery.
  • To ensure relevant, current and sustainable Collection development.
  • To liaise with professional organisations to develop best practice approaches and to keep abreast of emerging library technologies.

To find out more about the Liaison Librarians in your area and what they can do for you, click on the tab corresponding to your level of study or area of work.

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