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Academic Liaison Librarians: Med 2

What we do...

Course Support

DeLib works to support all of the Med Year 2 clerkships at WCMC-Q.  Support has taken the form of course support pages, the teaching of skills needed in order to fully participate in a journal club, and instruction regarding conducting searches for scholarly literature.  In recent years, we have also promoted mobile apps which would be of interest to Med Year 2 students.
Workshops, In-Class Sessions, & Individual Consultations
Upon invitation by your professor, in-class instruction on a number of library-related resources & services is provided. 
DeLib also provides out-of-class workshops on the resources available to students and faculty, and how to use them. These workshops - which are held on an occasional basis - are advertised on the DeLib homepage, by posters, and by email.
But don't think you have to wait for an in-class session with a librarian or a library workshop to have all your library related questions answered!  We are also pleased to provide individual consultations on request by contacting the Reading Room at 4492-8100.